June 25, 2017

Karen Cost woke up one morning to find Gulf Power had installed an enormous power pole in her yard. “It was a shock to see” Cost said. “Energy from the sun is a wonderful idea and while I’m all for it I was surprised to find this huge pole in my yard…and Gulf Power is still planning to raise my rates.”

Cost and her neighbors that live under the new transmission lines are frustrated with the sudden loss of property values. But they have found out a way to cope with the new situation. “One night when I was turning off the lights getting ready for bed I realized the lights were still on” stated Cost. “It was fascinating, I turned off the breakers in the power box and yet everything still seemed to work.”

Other residents in the area noticed the phenomenon. “I might not be able to sell my house” commented one resident, “but as long as I live here I’ll never need to pay Gulf Power. It does take a while to get used to the constant hum from overhead and the hairs on your arms always seem to stand up.”

Home values may have plummeted for these residents but they seemed to have figured out how to turn a negative into a positive…or at least into alternating current.