I normally don’t like writing OpEds. They are just an opinion piece and let’s face it. Opinions are like the proverbial poop chute. Everyone’s got one.

But it is very interesting to see the response from Milton, or more particular, a certain mouth piece of Milton that’s suddenly found an interest in Navarre politics. In just 1 week they have posted unflattering articles about Rob Williamson at least 10 times on CCoN. Plus a smattering of little jabs pointed at residents of Navarre that like the old sign. Only Navarre Press has a better track record of attacking Rob or the residents.

At first I thought it was some push back to the constant bickering. Down in Navarre when we are mad at our County Commissioners we blame “Milton”. I’ll admit that’s pretty generic and not fair to the fine people that make up the city of Milton.

Now I’m not so sure it’s just defending the people of Milton. It seems like there is a political agenda behind these sudden jabs at what happens in Navarre. A suspicious person would think they want a new commissioner in District 4 that’s compliant to Milton politics. If the Post is to be believed, they are announcing they have a stake and a say on how Navarre is run. So what is it? Are they standing up for their fine city and residents or are they trying to b*tch slap Navarre and put us back in our place? From one of their latest posts I’m going to say they have decided to make an issue of who represents Navarre.

I have respect for Milton the city and it’s residents. I’m quickly running out of respect for those trying to manipulate the political landscape for their own ends. And before I get off my high horse (it’s a donkey so it’s not very high) I’ll admit we’ve had our fun poking at people.

I defended Milton the city during the Navarre incorporation battle. Maybe it’s time to look into incorporation again and keep Milton out of our business. I can only hope a more qualified group promotes incorporation this time.