By Errol Flynn

In a joint statement released today by the Victory Institute and Log Cabin Republicans, the two organizations announced that they are recommending to the National and International lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community at large to no longer vacation at Navarre Beach.

“We have received several concerns from the LBGT community that the Santa Rosa’s County’s new branding is not compatible with a large majority of our members or their straight families.”

The re-branding effort to our community is a philosophical one, it means to us and our supporters that we are no longer welcome in Santa Rosa County.  “Florida’s Best Kept Secret” resonated with members of our community that have chosen to remain discreet and not be part of the Pensacola Beach free for all.

e774d5efa6427bafb42cb89ee168b20cAs part of the GOP, a party built on fiscal responsibility, less government and more citizen control, we could not in good conscience allow our member’s to “feed the beast” of misgovernment. We have not seen this level of financial mismanagement and lack of respect for the will of the people since the Obama Administration.

The last time the LGBT groups issued a statement of this magnitude was after several complaints from gay U.S. Military war veterans against Monroe County, Tennessee’s Tourism Office in 2011.  The veterans were in Monroe county to hold a retreat for gay combat veterans.  In 2014, the community reversed its ban after Monroe County officials assured them the problem had been corrected.

“We will miss the kind, friendly and non-judgemental Holley-Navarre community that for over the past 30 years went out of their way to make us feel welcome and part of the community.  Especially from the Holley community who had shown a great interest in our lifestyle.”

Currently both the Victory Institute and Log Cabin Republicans are working with Walton County TDC to promote and market to the LBGT community as a better replacement for Navarre Beach.